Fun Camping Games For 2

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Fun Camping Games For 2

Camping wouldn’t be the same without some games and time spent together with your fellow camper. Sometimes it may be hard to decide what to do while camping and so it is a good idea to have a list of camping games for two people (or more). This list has some fun popular games to play on your next adventure outdoor.

Clubs - This casual card game is our most recommend game. Good with 2-6 players. A ladder-climbing, trick taking game.

Clubs Card Game


Five Crowns - A favorite rummy style game, with hand size starting at 3 and going up to 13 by the final round.

Five Crowns


Quiddler - Word building game, also with increasing hand sizes each round.


SET - A mentally challenging puzzle game, racing to find the cards that will make a set before your opponents sees them.

SET: The Family Game of Visual Perception

Aquarius - Dominoes-like card game with either a hippie elemental theme, or a dragon theme.


Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! - A light, rhyming based game with a fairy theme. BEAUTIFUL artwork, solid game - but light.

Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule!

Summoner Wars - Requires at least the fold up paper playing board, some dice , and some wound tokens, but an awesome head to head battle game.

Summoner Wars The Filth Faction Deck


Looking for more camping games ideas? Check out this article. Have more suggestions for games? We'd love to hear them - leave your comments below!

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  • logophiliac

    Here’s one you can play anywhere. I call it “collocation”.

    One of you starts the game with a single word (e.g. “word”), and offers a collocation (e.g. combination of two words that commonly or usually appear together) that includes the word. In this case, a suitable response might be “password” or “word play”.

    The next player must do the same, using the newer term of the previous collocation. In the above examples, suitable responses might include “pass (the) salt” or “play (a) game”. Incidental connecting terms (e.g. the, a, and, to, etc.) do not count and do not invalidate a response, except if these terms are part of phrasal expressions themselves, such as “get up” (as opposed to “getup”).

    The objective of the game is to keep the game going. Any player who supplies a response that effectively ends the game—because the next player cannot respond—is the loser, not the winner. If this situation arises, the last player might offer their opponent a suitable response instead, then continue with their own turn. If they cannot think of a way to continue the game themselves, they have become the loser and the game is over.

    More rules.

    Players are not allowed to alter the terms they are given in any way. For example, if the term involved is “drive”, the next player may not convert it to “drives”, “drove”, “driving” or “driver” when they compile their response.

    Players are not allowed to repeat any terms previously used in the game.

    Warning. Players should try very hard to avoid playing terms which have very few (or only one) collocated terms. In particular, adverbs (e.g. always, slowly) should be avoided for this reason.

    Another move which is not allowed is what I call “a man in a dress”. Collocations played must be two terms which commonly appear together, and not simply be two terms a player has arbitrarily placed together (a man in a dress).

    Yes, a man can wear a dress. Is this commonly or usually seen? No. So plays such as “bread and butter” or “peanut butter” are okay, but “bread and jam” or “cashew butter” are not.

    That is all.

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